Sunday, November 04, 2007

Has it really been a year?

We now have two AWANA cubbies. Linn showed me how to do this so maybe there will be more frequent posts...we'll see.

Emmy got her apple.

The kids got this train set for Christmas last year. Tyler has made it a little difficult to play with lately, but tonight he was transfixed just watching instead of demolishing.

Tyler won a cupcake on his very first turn at the cakewalk.
It was all over him before mom got a hold of him (chocolate was still coming out his nose the next day).
Everyone thought he was so cute, that they decided mom needed a cupcake smashed in her face as well (the lengths moms go to for good pictures)
Mandy bobbing for apples.

Emmy Or "the wicked witch of the East" getting ready to trick or treat at HP. She was going to be Dorthy until the day before....
Mandy was Glinda, "the good witch of the North" and Tyler got to act out the line "lions and tigers and bears, oh my". We were at Petals and Stems (where I work) with thier doting Debbie...she spoils them rotten and they adore her.
After getting enough candy for the next year, we went to the church's Harvest party. We were supposed to be Bible characters....both girls were Queen Esther.
Our good friends Britt (a farmer, not a prophet found in Zechariah), Ethan (a pea pod) and Kaylin (an ear of corn) went with us. Her husband works with Linn so we met up at HP. (This is the family we trade babysitting with.)
Emmy doing the cake walk.

Tyler can't reach the pedals, but loves to ride.

After it got too dark to be outside we carved pumpkins.

The girls have been learning about Noah the past month in Sunday School. Thier take home papers had this idea for "rainbow" cookies.

Mandy has her outfit, too.
We traded a kitchen playset and got this Jeep in return....the kids LOVE it. The best deal I ever made.

Last Sunday night was a beautiful fall evening...perfect for playing and posing for mom.

Our Busy Days

The girls being all sweet and cute.
Tired Tyler in his "Daddy's ball game" outfit.
Emmy is getting quite good at taking pictures.
A small glimpse of Tyler's new room.

Emmy on Game Day.